Thursday, 4 April 2019

Harrison’s Room

Harrison’s room has pretty much been a blank slate since we moved in. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this room as I just wasn’t sure how long he’d be staying in a crib for. Now I know, the long the better! So I decided it was time to turn this white space into something fun! 

I’ve seen the irregular dots by Urban Walls featured in children’s rooms & always loved how it looked. I’ve used their decals in the past & the results are so cute! Plus this is a great way to commit to decorating a room without too much commitment (no holes in the walls 👏🏻). Also, the irregular dots can simply be put wherever you want. Closer or further apart, no measuring! So easy even my 4 year old daughter helped. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Front Door

Since we moved into our home we found that the front door didn’t match the rest of the home. We wanted the front door to correspond with the exterior, a modern vibe. 

We sourced out the items at Home Hardware. New paint (the paint color we selected is Home Hardware’s own line, Beautitone in “graphite & granite”). As well as a new glass insert by Trimlite. The new insert is called “The Sullivan”. Lastly, we wanted black hardware to tie in with the black exterior lights. So we chose the hardware by Weiserlock “Halifax”. The project itself was quite easy. Starting with cleaning the surface, giving it a light sand & then removing the glass insert for easy painting (I was given the advice to use a small foam roller & it did such a great job!). I let the paint dry for hours before applying another coat. Once I was certain the paint was dry we put the new glass insert into the door. Finally installing the new hardware. Voila! A brand new door! 




You know you’ve made a great transformation when people don’t even believe it’s the same door! I’m so impressed by the results of this project! 


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Christmas 2018

As some of you may know, we always put our Christmas decor quite early (as in mid November). I dreamed of decorating for Christmas when we were house hunting. Every house we viewed I thought to myself  “what would this space look like at Christmas?” I went with a minimal look. Neutrals mixed with rose gold & a bit of red. 

We had a heck of time getting our lights to work & then finding the right color of lights for our tree. But that’s the stuff that makes it fun, right? I just couldn’t justify tossing our tree & buying another one (do you know how long those things sit in a landfill, yikes!) So with our tree in the corner of the living room, a simple garland over the fireplace with eucalyptus & bottle brush trees, fresh cut greenery for the tabletop & some twinkle lights I was good! 

I finally purged all tree decorations that had been sitting in my storage boxes for years. It felt great to pass along what was no longer serving me. 

Melissa xo

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Our New Home

We took possession of our home in the beginning of June. Which now feels like a lifetime ago! Our home was a blank palette... It made me go the minimal route. Less ‘things’ to take up space & more quality/ special pieces. As soon as the moving truck arrived we wanted everything unpacked & put in it’s place (because we all know it’s easy to move with small children 😬). 

It took about a week to unpack, organize & settle. Another few weeks to put the items we weren’t using into the crawlspace. Finally, we hung some art on the walls & made the commitment! (Why does hanging something on the wall feel so final?) It felt good to be ‘home’ & to enjoy our new house. 

Then we moved onto the projects. First, it was staining the massive fence. We were grateful to have that done for us prior to moving. Not so excited about it when we realized we had to paint by hand each panel. We caved & bought a spray gun! It was a lifesaver. Not to mention timing when we stained (no rain in the forecast, not in the heat of the day). It was accomplished at night while the kids were in bed & the mosquitos were out! Then it was onto the garage. Purchasing large storage racks, bike racks & making a hanging storage area for bigger garden tools, brooms, etc. Our last big project of the summer was the front garden. We took the summer to compile ideas (thanks to the rest of the neighborhood for giving us inspiration) & to wander nurseries. Something we didn’t want to rush but for good reason. We both agreed plants lining the driveway would give our home curb appeal & give it a finished look. Who knew gardening could be so satisfying? We were so happy with how it turned out. Lavender, heather, schrubs, grasses & a beautiful ‘lime light’ hydrangea is what we went with. Next up will be planning our flower garden in the backyard. The spring bulbs are going to be planted very soon. 

Excited to see what our next project will be! For now we’ll enjoy our home & the work we’ve put in. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Perfect Travel Stroller

I used to think it was crazy when people would mention that you need more than one stroller. I never believed it well until I had children. Let me tell you, they were right! A good every day stroller with a large basket, one with three wheels for trails & of course a compact city stroller. I had the first two now I was searching for the best compact lightweight stroller. 

I found the BILY 

It folds & unfolds with one hand, brilliant! Super lightweight & takes up minimal space in the trunk. It also offers a large storage basket. The bonus of this stroller is that is reclines for naps on the go. The small wheels work best on concrete or smooth surfaces. All in all it’s a great compact stroller! 

Thursday, 1 February 2018


We’ve been having many conversations in our household lately about “wellness”. It all started from the discussion about where our food comes, what we need to consume to fuel our bodies, making healthy choices when preparing food & how we dispose of our waste. Trying to encourage our children to make the right choices. We’ve now implemented the guidelines of eating the rainbow. That seems to have stuck ;) We’ve had ample discussions about how when we return home we need to wash our hands. Due to cold & flu season we can’t afford to not be mindful of this task. Of course a toddlers imagination runs wild picturing the germs all over her hands. (At least it works!) Thank goodness for essential oils & a diffuser. Taking care of our body in winter vs. summer. Explaining how our skin dries out & needs more moisture. We’ve loved our Green Beaver calming lavender lotion as well as chapstick. This winter has been a learning curve for wellness but hopefully by next year we will have it figured out! 

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Our Day To Day Routine

It seems like it’s non-stop from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. But maybe that’s just being a mom to two littles? 

Our day starts out with Avery’s gro-clock going off. She wakes up the entire family but she’s allowed to “once the sun comes up”.  We make our way downstairs, brew a coffee, light our wood stove, turn on her favorite cartoons & she always starts the day with fruit.  Harrison gets his diaper changed (the new Green Beaver diaper cream is fabulous, especially during rashy teething times it’s been clearing up any redness & irritation immediately) & plays on his blanket with his toys.  Next it’s breakfast & getting dressed for the day.  We get out for a family walk around the lake. Then of course, it’s time to eat lunch. We usually spend the afternoon playing, reading, creating crafts & ALWAYS have a dance party! Next thing is dinner prep. This is usually a family affair even including the dog. The more people to trip over in the kitchen the better ;) Eating together as a family is a priority for us. My husband & I enjoy cooking. Preparing food at home is something we both take pride in. We want our kids to learn how to make wholesome & nutritious meals but also to have appreciation for home cooking. Once dishes have been done it’s time for bath time. Both kids love bath time! It’s a good excuse to play & eventually wind down. We love our Green Beaver calming lavender body wash & shampoo. Leaves everyone smelling delicious without the nasties. 

Once we’ve towel dried, we apply our Green Beaver body lotion. Pajama & story time. Lights out, flashlights on & we make our way to bed. Start the process all over again the next day!